An Author Interview, Anyone?

I thought I would share my Author interview from BookLikes!

Q: I see that in the space of one year you’ve published two full-length books! Wow, this seems like quite a lot! How often do you write and how long at one time? Do you plan to keep up this pace in the future?

A: Well, that was kind of a fluke! I won’t lie, I worked on Leaving Kate for almost two years, and it actually stemmed from a story I wrote as a teenager. Planning Christmas was a bit of a faster deadline…my publisher asked me if I’d ever considered writing a Christmas story, and I responded with ‘no…but I can!’ So I pushed myself to get that together quickly. Turns out I work much better when there’s a deadline involved. I’m a procrastinator, so it forced me to sit down and write for at least 2 hours a day. For my next, I think I will need to give myself a false deadline to follow!

Q: Were you writing the two books at the same time? If so, did the characters and/or plot get mixed up as you were writing?

A: I was already done with my first novella before I started on Planning Christmas, so I didn’t really have any issues there. But as I’m writing my upcoming romance, I keep getting distracted with another idea for a spin off of Leaving Kate. So, yes, my leads have definitely appeared in the wrong story from time to time.

Q: In your opinion, do the books have a lot in common? I know they are not part of a series, but is there something that makes them similar?

A: They don’t have too much in common, besides the fact that they are both love stories. Leaving Kate has a bit more of an edge and serious tone, while Planning Christmas is very light and funny. You may be able to see some of my sarcastic tone from both books, however.

Q: Do you think you resemble any of your characters?

A: If I had to pick which character I am most like, it would have to be Paige from Planning Christmas. She is super Type-A and gets so obsessed over minor details that it distracts her from the bigger picture sometimes. I can totally be this way…to my detriment!

Q: Have any of your characters, or things that happen in the books, been inspired by real people or real events?

A: Lots of people have asked me about this and where I get character ideas. Truthfully, the personalities of the characters and story lines are completely fictional, but I have strategically placed names, places they went to college, career goals, etc. in to both books that are based on my closest friends.

Q: You seem to like reading books from various genres, and you read quite a lot. Do you tend to read specific types of books while writing?

A: I was reading a lot of Nicholas Sparks while writing Leaving Kate, and I found myself almost adopting a different writing style, so I had to switch it up. I stayed with romance, but changed authors frequently to get a taste of several writing styles. I have learned that the more you read and write, the better author you will be.

Q: What tips and tricks have you gotten from reading your favorite books and writers, have they taught you anything in particular? If you could ask your favorite authors for advice, what would it be?

A: I haven’t really found any tips from their writing, but I do constantly learn various ways to say something or describe a place or person. The best lesson from authors so far is how to get your writing out there! Promoting and building a name is way harder than the writing!

Q: Let’s move away from the real world for a minute. If you could choose one character from a favorite book to have dinner with, or spend a day with, who would that be? What would you ask that person?

A: I would choose Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. Her character flaws are endless but I love her. I would ask her why she wouldn’t get her act together and drop Ashley already! Rhett is so much sexier!

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